Soupe du Jour: Navy Bean

Appetizer Special:  “Caille aux Raisins” : Quail with grapes and oyster mushrooms, pear sauce $15.95

Cuisine “Grand-Mere”:  Tourte de “Volaille” French style Chicken Pot Pie, with poached chicken, tarragon, mushrooms, leeks, and creme fraiche $19.95

Chef’s Special: 12 oz Rib Eye Steak with garlic fries, parsley butter $29.95

Fish Special:   Iceland Cod with pesto mashed potatoes and sauteed bock choy, caper beurre blanc $26.95

Starch of the Day: Mashed potatoes

Vegetable of the day:  Broccoli and baby carrots

Dessert Special $8

  • Pear Tarte
  • Bread pudding with vanilla brandy






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